Who we are

We are all working professionals and students, natives to St. Maarten, desperate to get help and items to those in need on our island. St. Maarten is a place we all consider home, filled with people we all consider family. With your support, we are determined to give all residents the aid they require to the best of our abilities. 

Our Solution

The aim of our campaign is to help the community in St.Maarten rebuild their island after the tragic devastation of hurricane Irma. This campaign is to receive physical donations of clothing, tools, medical supplies and non perishable goods which we will ship to the island. If you would like to contribute to this cause monetarily, please do this via our GoFundMe page which will be accepting funds for the products that will be shipped to aid to families immediately.


Although there is a lack of transport in and out of St. Maarten we aim to get items to the residents as quickly as possible. Please follow our daily updates page for more information about the process.