During our meetings we discussed the following topics:

After considering both the Work In Progress and the Academy theme, it was almost unanimous that the Work In Progress theme would explain the aim of the show.

The graphic profile
Black and yellow were selected based on construction site tape illustrations. This seemed to be a good thread to follow thought for creating navigation for the show.

We was unsure if we should create a separate logo, the main suggestion was to use ‘Work In Progress’ title as the logo. This was to make the concept more understandable and clearer for the visitors.

The idea was to create two separate posters, one that depict a more spatial relation, and another that contains invitations and a banner.

We believed that this will be determined once we established a theme. However that will be something along the lines of vinyl stickers, and signs.

Feedback cards
Once this was established the theme of the exhibition, we was able to start thinking about the design of the cards. We used construction signs as design templates for the feedback cards.  

Our facetime meeting when I was in Amsterdam.

Our facetime meeting when I was in Amsterdam.

Most meetings were held at LCC, this because it was a central point for all of us to meet. However on some occasions, when meeting in person was not possible and we would face time or Skype. This allowed everyone to still be really involved at all levels. I believed that it was very important to get input from everyone, and this reflected in our work as we made our design decisions. Working together with my group member was great the level of understanding was outstanding. Even though you might think it’s a big group the roles were evenly distributed and well communicated.  This is illustrated when we started working on the poster ideas and mock ups.

See the document page to download the all the group files.