In order to organise the show the class was divided into 5 groups which all played a vital role creating the exhibition. The groups consisted of 5 main topics.

  • Curation and concept
  • Graphic & Branding
  • Comms/ Pr
  • Quality/ detail
  • Getting things done

To produce the show the groups have to work together and collaborate. To define collaboration by Zerfass, A. in the management game of communication wrote:  The essence of collaboration means different parties are sharing information and developing ideas to produce something. Collaborating are the ideas of individuals, in which are agreed or disagreed upon in order to make significant contributions to the final outcome. This enables ideas from different points of view to create a “new” thinking. 

The idea that collaboration is a big part of the development process never really dawned on me. I was always mainly focused on the outcome, which for me is the most important. Thinking about it now I understand that my previous experiences and group projects played a huge role in my development not only for the projects but for myself as a person, student and designer.

The team I was apart of was Graphic and Branding. I was very pleased with this because I’m really keen on creating digital visual assets. I believe that the creative skills classes really helped me to develop my photoshop and 3D modelling skills. These new skills gave me much more confidence and helped me to produce various visuals, allowing me to be a valuable asset to the graphic and branding team.

So what is graphic design & branding?

According to the fundamentals of branding by M. davis; Graphic design is also known as communication design, is the are and practice of planning an projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textural content. The form of the communication can be physical or virtual, and may include images, words or graphic forms.

The term branding is the process of giving a meaning to specify products by creating and shaping a brand. However as spatial designers we often speak of branded spaces in branding terms. This a physical environment that can deliver a meaningful brand experience to make the personality, values, and even key aspects of a brand tangible.