Getting things going…

To make things easier we divided the first task between ourselves, which was to create a mock poster. This was to illustrate my initial thoughts for the branding of the exhibition. At first this seemed a bit weird as I felt their was nothing to gain during this exercise, as it was we were already short on time due to the lack of concept curation team. This left a dent in our initial schedule and we were pushed for time to produce branding materials to send over to the communication/PR team. Nonetheless, I learned a lot from the process of creating a poster and the feedback gained from it.

By sticking to our plan and project timeline, we took control of the situation by brainstorming various ideas for the posters. This allowed us to critically evaluate each other work and skills but also exchange ideas our individual interpretation for the work in progress event. 

This was our first time actually seeing each others work and giving feedback. I was a little nervous as I didn’t know their standard or work. However I did the best I could in the given time, however I feel I could have produced a better poster. Creating the mock poster, gave us the opportunity to share ideas and talk about our work, what we liked and didn’t liked. During this process I felt very much in charge of my emotions and was not led by them. I didn’t say I simply didn’t like something because it wasn’t my taste, I would look at what was accumulated and thought of ways we could make it work better.

Learning not to take opinions and feedbacks personally but constructive, creative in a way helped me understand different opinions better and allowed me to think of new ways to present and produce items. The process of this in regards to our project, allowed us all to create a design we were comfortable and happy with. It allowed for a democratic and transparent process of feedback and implementing everyone’s ideas.