During the curation of this project I’ve learned a lot about how important communication is. This is something we do daily but I’ve never really took the time to understand how I could improve these skills. I think my misperception of the whole reason why we had to create the event started with the idea of working together in groups. This was something I was not looking forward to. This because previous group experiences were very negative and my communication was very poor.

Throughout the process I gained more confidence to share my ideas, opinions and feel valued within a group. I now understand the importance of group work and how it will be an invaluable skill when I start working. This project was a great example of how we will be expected to work in a professional setting.

Looking back at the past 3 years of my course thinking about all that I’ve learned, figuring who I am as a designer, I first had to figure our who I was as a person and what my goals and values where. Understanding who I am as a person I believe can only make me a better designer.  The main importance in life for me is family and friends, my dream would be for all of us someday to life in harmony.

Creating design solutions that add value to our daily lives is what I aim to do. Creating meaningful and functional design, that enriches our culture and preserves heritage. I believe that designers are responsible for our future should consider the people that they are designing for only that way can we sustain creating design that matters.

I hope in the near future to be able apply all that I’ve learned during my course to help me develop as a designer and create spaces that are meaningful, functional and most of all, useful to their users.